With Nothing To Do, NHL.com Releases “Bruce Boudreau Uncensored”

NHL.com must be running out of material.

After all, CNN has a New York hurricane to deal with, and they’re still forced to shove Ali Velshi in the middle of the shallow end of a swimming pool to fill a 24-hour news channel.

And so, in the effort of surviving the lockout with their balls and modems both intact, NHL.com has released the first episode in what is hopefully an ongoing thing, “Bruce Boudreau Uncensored… Kind Of”.

In the video, Boudreau shows us the challenge of being both a hockey coach and an adaptable television host. He also shows us that calling your show Uncensored before you film your first episode almost single-handedly guarantees that it won’t be “uncensored”.

For example, saying “our rookies will push our veterans” may be uncensored to a coach – whose first rule is probably, ‘Don’t tell the public anything about our system‘ – but in pales in comparison to anything a sober Mike Milbury might say on a Tuesday morning at 8:50 a.m.

Let’s take a look…