Will Leitch Will Kick Your Ass With His Words


by Connor Foote

Lotus Land Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


*Will Leitch is the founding editor of Deadspin, which is now one of the prolific enterprises in Gawker Media. The following is from his column from December 27, 2012. It’s titled, “It’s Not OK To Be Shitty”. It’s brilliant.

“I think we’re starting to care more about popularity and financial success than legitimate quality. All right, so that’s hardly news; that’s always been the case, as a general rule, for most of humanity’s reign. But now the smart people are doing it: People who should know better. I’m talking about you, dear reader: You, me, all of us.

“You see this everywhere, from box office results to online pageviews to Nielsen ratings to freaking Twitter followers. More people watch the NFL on television than any sport so therefore IT IS THE BEST SPORT. You have fewer Twitter followers than the person you’re criticizing? YOU’RE A HATER. You don’t like that album that went platinum? YOU JUST JEALOUS. BuzzFeed has put a bunch of pictures of kittens together in a way that is easily passed around by idiots? THEY HAVE FIGURED OUT THE INTERNET THEY ARE SUCH BRILLIANT PACKAGERS OF CONTENT THE FUTURE OF MEDIA. We have become a culture that, because we can quantify things in a way we’ve never been able to before, are acting as if those numbers are all that matter.

“Because so much of our world has become niche, when something appeals to a large number of people, we just assume it’s worthy of our attention. We see pageviews and ratings go up when we talk about Tim Tebow, or we put “MUST CLICK” in our headline, or we rely on whatever cheap trick we’ve convinced ourselves is somehow the price of doing business now. And we’re in serious danger of turning the world into the front page of Yahoo. Just because a bunch of morons and teenagers are watching The Voice doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to give a shit.”

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