Will A.J. Green Become the Best Receiver in the NFL?

On Tuesday’s edition of First Take, Skip Bayless called A.J. Green the NFL’s best receiver… in waiting.

We know everyone says they don’t care about First Take – even though they do, because how else would they know everything they say? – but Bayless’s comments were one of those Scooby Doo “Ruh huh?” moments. Screaming A. Smith and Hugh Douglas were quick to retort, saying that Megatron is the NFL’s best receiver, but all three rested on the fact that A.J. Green may not be far off.

Prior to Week 1, thousands – or millions – of fantasy players drafted A.J. Green after other notable receivers and even tight ends. Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Rob Gronkowski, Roddy White, Jimmy Graham, and Greg Jennings were all ranked better than A.J. on Yahoo!

Take a look at the highlights, though. In his rookie season last year, Green climbed the power rankings on a surprising playoff team in Cincinnati, with another freshman standout – quarterback Andy Dalton – clicking with Green at the perfect time for that franchise and that industrial city in Ohio.

He has the height, he has the hands, and BY GOD! He has the speed.

Is A.J. Green on the cusp of being the best receiver in football?