Why Canadians Should Be Proud of ‘Argo’. Yes, Proud.


by Connor Foote

Lotus Land Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


There’s no need to review a film you’ve all either seen or heard far too much about (although it’s well-deserved for a worthy Best Picture winner). Chances are, if you haven’t seen Argo, you may have heard about it for the wrong reasons… specifically, about some Canadian controversy.

Yes, Ben Affleck’s best passion project to date (and that’s saying something to rank it over excellent flicks like The Town and Gone Baby Gone) slights Canadian efforts and its ambassador in Iran during 1979 and 1980, Ken Taylor. Yes, Argo washes over the Maple Leaf and slaps the Stars and Stripers on top.

Yes, Canada deserves all the pride and credit for saving those American houseguests.

Yes, Tony Mendez was more of a mid wife than the doctor on call.

But, Canada still deserves to be proud of this film Affleck has made and turned into Oscar glory. The Americans deserve to be proud of it, too. It is no less than a fantastic film. Gripping, fast-paced, and clever to the teeth.

And, really, I have to confess something as a Canadian and a proud one, at that: if we wanted to take Hollywood-like credit for the Caper, we should make better movies.