Why Is Aaron Paul So Incredible?

This should be easy. After all, any actor who’s good enough to make you want to be someone like Jesse Pinkman is doing a good job. The dude’s a one-time heroin addict, he’s killed more people by accident than he has on purpose, and he’s the age-old example of a young punk who’s in over his head.

And yet, somehow, Aaron Paul manages to make him look just that cool.

Watch him say, “Yeah Bitch!” at the Emmy’s on Sunday and you’d be a little confused. It doesn’t sound as dope as it does on the show, because you’re seeing Paul in a tux and a bow tie, and not his normal Ecko sweatshirt or Sean John track pants. He looks more like an actor who’s too caught up in his own lines, like when Javier Bardem couldn’t stop making fun of his haircut in No Country for Old Men or when Hugh Jackman couldn’t stop singing after Australia.

But, at closer inspection, you see why Jesse is such a good character. Rather, why Paul makes him such a good character.

He’s one of the leaders of Hollywood’s young elite, but he actually is an artist. He’s not trying to be Nicholson or Beatty. He’s not even trying to be Bryan Cranston. He looks a little more sensitive. He talks about the art of it all, and the show’s creators.

He’s a little more Santa Fe than he is Albuquerque.

It’s a good side to see but, then again, that’s the case with any side of a great actor.