Who Wins: Will Leitch vs. Bill Simmons

Who Wins? Will Leitch vs Bill Simmons


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Will Leitch

For: Vicious. Intelligent. A computer. Excellent with adjectives. Self-reflective. Self-loathing, and all-loathing. But, most of all? Leitch seems to (I’d bet my entire “fortune” on it) genuinely care about the sports he covers and the athletes he rips apart. Most of his oft-criticized aren’t even athletes but the reporters and “personalities” who cover them, such as Darren Rovell.

Watch this clip below, and it’s clear Leitch is in it for all the reasons Bob Costas is.

Against: The first six sentences above.


Bill Simmons

For: Writes for the fan. Writes as a fan. Loves being biased and admits it. Made the whole “I’m from Bahstan and I say sh*t funny” cool before it ever was cool. (And, it’s not anymore.) Left the Boston Herald with no backup in journalism and has become — arguably, but realistically definitely — the biggest sportswriter on the planet, and the most popular man at ESPN (although that’s less of an accomplishment now).

Against: He has a tendency to come off… wrong. Cocky. He has that Aaron Sorkin stench to some of his pieces, like you can see him jerking off with a belt around his neck while he’s writing (“Yeah, yeah… that’s a good line…”) and winking to himself in his computer screen. That’s where the bias can get annoying, especially if his words don’t make you hard.


For the Win?

Right now? Leitch. Most of his disapprovers say he’s, like, the biggest sports troll on the Internet, but that’s selling Simmons short. Bill was the Internet’s original troll, and the innovator of so many things we just take for granted now (The Mailbag and Our Communal Hate for Isaiah Thomas, for example).

If this were about a career, Bill’s already crossed the finish line.

But, right now?

Leitch is far too relevant.