JRSportBrief: Who Are the Top 6 Athletes of 2012?


His videos look budget, but JRSportBrief is a YouTube original channel. On Monday, JR (we’ll assume that’s his actual name) “released” his list of the Top 6 Athletes of 2012. Not surprisingly, LeBron James led things off. It didn’t necessarily get interesting from that point on (actually, JR did a pretty good job), but it certainly leaves itself open for opinion and argument.

  1. LeBron James
  2. Usain Bolt
  3. Miguel Cabrera
  4. Lionel Messi
  5. Adrian Peterson
  6. 6. Nick Newell

(*Newell’s name had been Italicized because Newell is a one-armed MMA fighter. It’s a pity push, but JR is also trying to acknowledge how incredible Nick’s accomplishments are. So, we won’t touch it. Okay?)

No arguments with James. Nobody got more coverage (in North America) this year, and JR is from North America. Actually, he’s from Amurrica America. So, fair enough.

Messi’s deserving. He’s the most dominant athlete in the world.

Bolt’s deserving. He has too many gold medals.

Cabrera and Peterson have had outstanding years, but Cabrera could have been swapped for Trout and you could have just called it, “Karma”. Peterson’s comeback season has set him apart in the past few weeks, and nobody’s here to take anything away from him.

But, if there are no hockey players on this list, then there doesn’t have to be a baseball player. Right?

So, what the hell? Where’s Tom Brady?

He led his Patriots to a Super Bowl and probably should have won the 2011 NFL MVP, an award that bleeds into 2012. Now, he’s in the middle (well, towards the end) of another banner year, and he just threw four touchdowns to slaughter the AFC-leading Houston Texans on Monday night, 42-14.

Tom Brady. I choose you.