Which Uniform Should You Buy? How About Paris Saint-Germain?

Tucked deep into a little corner of Western Europe — in a country and city where everyone travels to for largely everything but¬†soccer, even with a recent World Cup victory — is the continent’s newest soccer behemoth which, just last month, told us all it would fork over a Mitt Romney allowance-sized dowery for the world’s second-best player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

They have Zlatan. (That’s Ibra, to those who know him best.) They wear blue and red and white, and their stripes are same but only in varying patterns of an identical easel.

So, how about it? Would you buy a Paris Saint-Germain jersey?

*White Cover Magazine is currently in Europe for two weeks, moving from Amsterdam to France to Portugal and then back to British Columbia and Washington. Please forgive us for our lack of recent existence.