Where Does RGIII Go From Here?


by Rocco Pantalone

D.C. Dispatch, White Cover Magazine


Well, for starters, he’ll need to make sure Dr. James Andrews is with him on the sideline for every NFL game he plays from now until the end of his career. A precedent’s been set. It’s like buying your wife a car for Christmas. You’ll only have to keep upping it.

Now, though, RGIII is faced with a perilous task.

When Adrian Peterson blew out his knee, he already had a few years of All-Star, Hall of Fame-worthy play under his belt. He had an established career to lay back on. He didn’t just do that, of course, but AP was a veteran.

Robert Griffin III is a rookie, no matter how surprising it is.

He’s mature. He’s skilled for his age. He’s wise beyond his years.

But, this upcoming recovery will be the toughest thing he’s ever faced in professional or college football. He looked like a wounded deer tossing dead ducks on Sunday. Once the Seahawks realized they were playing a cripple, they wasted no time in adding to his agony.

If you don’t think every other team in the NFL took notice, you’re crazy.