What If Bob Marley Knew His Billabong Board Shorts Cost $70?

Bob Marley Drawing - WhiteCoverMag


by Connor Foote

Lotus Land Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


What if every famous dead person could see what their legacy has become?

What if F. Scott Fitzgerald could watch a 3D Film starring Leo DiCaprio and directed by Baz Luhrmann?

What if Ernest Hemingway knew his name was on some overpriced bar in every city in the world?

What if anti-commercial rock star Bob Marley knew his board shorts cost $70 at Billabong?

What if Lucy Maude Montgomery knew her ‘Anne of Green Gables’ books had been re-done to look like soft core porn?

What if?


The Mustard Seeds, “The Great Gatsby vs. Bob Marley?”

Host: Kolby Solinsky