Welcome to Toronto… Tom Hanks is a Little Cranky

If you’re a shallow Torontonian who shoots back at slightly unfavourable reviews of your city like a dog with rabies bites the legs of five-year-olds, you’ll love or hate what Tom Hanks thinks of your fair city. Apparently, he’d rather be water skiing. No, really, he said that.

“I got a question about the Toronto International Film Festival,” he said, from the film festival. “Why do you run your celebrities through a pen like we’re bulls on the way to slaughter? It’s like the narrowest kind of entrance to a theatre I’ve ever had. I thought someone was going to be there on the other side with a prod they were going to put through my head. It was a very, very scary enterprise.”

HA! Joke’s on Tom Hanks… Toronto doesn’t have celebrities!

So, we’ll ask you back, Tom: “Why do you guys steal all our celebrities and convert them into fat, unhealthy Americans like we’re ex-Jamba Juice customers in a Burger King line?”

Then again, so what if Tom Hanks isn’t crazy about us, or our city? Fact is, he probably likes Toronto. He was just a little pissed off about the way TIFF handles things, not Canada. But, The Huffington Post loves sensationalism. Robert Duvall and Chipper Jones have both said worse things about Canada.

We all rip into the CBC and Air Canada every day, not to mention what the other nine provinces say about Quebec behind their back. Does that make us all less Canadian?