Welcome Back, Mr. Bond

“They say you’re finished…”

That sounds significant: it’s a quick snip delivered by Naomi Harris’s Moneypenny, in the newest trailer for Skyfall. And it probably is, because this Bond film will no doubt be about the secret agent doing the stuff we’ve always loved watching him do – killing bad guys, sleeping with beautiful women, and nearly getting fired in the process of all of it, either because he was too rogue or too rebel or too violent or too old, but hell, isn’t that what makes him so charming, too? (That run-on sentence was intentional, trolls.)

But then again, it’s not significant. Because this series – now 55 years old – can’t change. Not too much.

For goodness sake, the biggest development in the films’ history happened in 2006, and all they did was make Bond blonde.

Every film, the plot threatens to send Bond down some permanent path of a normal life – he almost got married once, he lost his license to kill in License to Kill, he almost gets killed 50 times every two hours, he was nearly forced into retirement in Skyfall, and the Cold War almost made sexy espionage obsolete before GoldenEye. No more SMERSH or Spectre, for a while. No more Rosa Klebb or eyepatch villains. No more tiny Asian guys with decapitating hat throws, or giant weirdos with teeth sharpened just to make their nickname make sense.

But of course, we keep watching. Because it’s all so delicious.

And because style is really everything – style and the script, that is.