Website of the Day: Buckin’ Broncos at the ‘Denver Post’ - Sports Section - Website of the Day


This just in: daily newspapers largely suck.

It’s not due to their own fault, and we’re not as Satanical as other online-only publications like ViceDaily KOS, or Newser. We don’t hope these papers fail only for our own gain or for the value of our own predictions. Those sites do. No, daily newspapers just suck because they’re so pre-occupied with losing money and keeping up with the ‘digital sphere’ (a term they, themselves, made up) that they’ve forgotten to actually report the news. And, what else would a daily newspaper do?

But, the Denver Post is different.

(We’re talking about their sports section, like we always would.)

The Denver Post is routinely at the top of your Google searches, even when you’re typing “Knicks Nets” and “Adrian Peterson”. They have little interest in the rest of America, but Denver is one of those surprising cultural centers that everyone always forgets to mention but never skips.

Like Calgary in Canada or Germany in Europe, Denver is a little taken for granted. But, it’s where the heart of America exists, and its biggest newspaper still represents that.

“Does complacency threaten Broncos?”

It led with that on Tuesday, December 18. What other paper would ask that about its own team, and one led by Peyton Manning at that?

Here’s the beginning of the column by the Post‘s Tom Kensler:

“If any Broncos player shows the least bit of overconfidence or complacency this week, team leaders will be ready to step up and, um, voice their concerns, Broncos veteran cornerback Champ Bailey said Monday at Dove Valley.

“‘If I see that, words will be said,’ Bailey said. ‘You can’t let that happen.'”

The rest of the Post‘s sports section’s article read like a Table of Contents of exactly what you’d want to read in the next edition of Freakonomics.

“Rudolph, the red-nose cautionary tale”

Something about Eric Decker after that. Something about Lindsay Vonn after that.

It’s getting harder and harder to find reliable sources of local news. The Internet has blown up our comfy couches and replaced them with those awkward, metal-only chairs from K-Mart.

It’s a good thing the Denver Post is still holding down the fort.