Website of the Day: What Do You Think of ‘DuJour’ Magazine?

The look is sleek. It’s beautiful, really. An infinite scroller and a design that seems to multiply content the deeper you go. You click on the article about Nicole Kidman, and then you find another feature on Rahm Emanuel. You look for style tips, and you end up on some beach front.

And, the ads… DuJour magazine might have the coolest ad layout in modern “publishing”. It wouldn’t be surprising to see others completely copy its style.


“Inside DuJour: Designing a Magazine for a Multi-Device Age” – (Dec. 4, 2012)


Still… is it too confusing? If you were looking for something specific, Lord knows you can’t find it. There’s really no menu. It’s built for speed, but not for comfort. Some would even call it controversial.

So, what do you think? Hit or miss?