WATCH: Robert Griffin III’s First Career NFL Touchdown Pass

We put a lot of effort into not focusing on RGIII yesterday, when he was busy putting up 40 points against the toughest home team in the United States, and perhaps the United Nations. We instead wrote about Russell Wilson, because you can read about Griffin anywhere else but here, and you probably will.

Well, a day has passed and not even folks as foolish as us should overlook the boy.

RGIII’s first career touchdown pass was Unitas-like. He stood in the pocket, remained calm under pressure, and then floated a perfect pass to the Amazin’ Haitian Pierre Garcon. He has a gun, but he didn’t try and blow anyone’s arm off like Brett Favre would have. He just put it in the air, read the play, got knocked down, and then cheered from his butt as Garcon ran over the Saints’ once-perfect home game.

Just beautiful, Robert. Just beautiful.