Watch: 7 Minutes of Patrick Kane Destroying the Shootout

A Wiserhood slow clap is in store for Joey McKenna, the hero who uploaded all of Patrick Kane’s shootout goals – over the first 7.5 years of the surefire Hall of Famer’s career – to YouTube in the fastest seven-minute montage you’ll find.

I mean, the reasons this video is so attractive are obvious. Kane’s skill, speed, and all-around style – the flash he has when he shoots, shifts, and celebrates – have stood out since before he was even drafted, back when he was obliterating the Ontario Hockey League in London. But seeing all of them back-to-back-to-back, you’re able to see it all together in one swift motion… a lot of players have style and sizzle, but Kane does it all at high speed, then shifting to low speed, then with a goalie in front of him to fool.

None of those goals above are accidents. And yeah, the reel is cherry-picked – it’s always going to look good when every clip’s a success story. But pay attention to how many different ways he scores, to how many different goalies he freezes, and to how he’s sort of been in control of the shootout since he started, from that first clip where the colour guy says, “You’re watching the future of the Chicago Blackhawks.”