Wake Me Up When This Whole Sh*t Ends…

Isn’t it funny how far we’ve come in, what, three weeks? Who even knows when the NHL shut itself down anymore. (It was September 15, yes.) But, as the weeks tick by and we all forget about what that damn league even represents anymore, Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and Donald Fehr are updating us all almost daily with the seemingly enticing news that WE ARE TALKING TONIGHT! and YAY! WE’RE STILL HERE!

Only, this time, nobody gives a sh*t.

If the NHL wanted to draw its expiry date on this milk carton of a season, they shouldn’t have branded it in. If there is really being progress made, they should just save it for V Day. On Monday, all the rage was about yet another meeting between Fehr and Bettman, and the opposing sides stuck in this pointless and increasingly irrelevant detente.

And, of course, Tuesday’s follow up let us know that, again, it wasn’t a particularly fruitful meeting. Nothing got done. Nothing hashed out. Back to Square One.

“A mediator can only be helpful if both sides are willing to embrace it and compromise,” said the NHL’s Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Daly. “We haven’t ruled out that possibility.

“Today was not overly encouraging.”

Gee, you think?


“Today in Taiwanese Animation: Gary Bettman is Murdering Lady NHL with a Hacksaw” (White Cover Magazine)


Every NHL player worth a headline is in Europe, or Russia. Are they different?

They’ve moved on, because they love hockey.

The fans seems to have moved on because, Hell, why would you keep caring about an organization that treats you like you’re the family dog?

“Oh, don’t worry, when I get home, Shep will be all over me, even though yesterday I hit him on the nose, yelled at him, and rubbed his face in his own piss.”

The NHL had a killer product. They had the fans. They had a three billion dollars business in 2011 and 2012. You almost expect Mike form Breaking Bad to come around the corner, screaming, “We had a good thing!”

They’ve gambled. They’ve bluffed. They’ve cried wolf, and nobody’s answering. They’ve been offensive, insulting, and patronizing. They’ve just been terrible, terrible businessmen.

For once, Canada and the Southwest United States should have the same emotions regarding the NHL: nothing.