VIDEO: Prepare to Be Amazed by Kid President and Soul Pancake

Kid President Pep Talk - And It Hurt, Man! - SoulPancake on YouTube
(Photo “courtesy” of SoulPancake on YouTube)


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


We know Mike Tomlin turns off all the lights in Pittsburgh’s dressing room and cranks In the Air Tonight before every game. (Well, every game that matters.) We all know Al Pacino’s “Six Inches In Front Of Your Face” Speech from Any Given Sunday. (And, Men, we know that baby word-for-word.)

But, the video below — a pep talk from a shrunken version of Michael Strahan who goes by the name “Kid President” — is the best we’ve ever seen.

Learn the words. Memorize the lyrics. Remember the message.

And, know deep in your heart that nobody else will ever be able to pull a phrase like “Not cool, Robert Frost” this well ever again.

(*Video and Screenshots by SoulPancake YouTube Channel)



A Pep Talk from Kid President - SoulPancake on YouTube