VIDEO: The NHL Lockout feat. Justin Bieber / “As Long As You Love Me”

The NHL Lockout (has it earned the right to be capitalized yet?) continues to drag on. The L.A. Kings are still the Stanley Cup champions. The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t made the playoffs since the last lockout. The Vancouver Canucks are still searching for their Stanley Cup.

We’re entering another Lost Year. Sidney Crosby has come back, only to return to unemployment. Evgeni Malkin is the king. Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown are the end-all-be-alls. Pavel Datsyuk is still a magician.

And, there’s Martin Brodeur. Enough said.

Video: Kolby Solinsky /
Footage: CBC/, etc.

Music: “As Long As You Love Me” / Justin Bieber