USC Wins by 39 Points, Gets Demoted

USC is pissed. Well, not really. They don’t care, even though they were dropped from No. 1 to No. 2 after beating Hawaii by 39 points.

It doesn’t matter,” USC quarterback Matt Barkley told the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t care. A ranking doesn’t motivate me. I think being perfect is what motivates us. And the rankings and all that other stuff will fall into place.”

Yea, so, Bama took over No. 1, which did two things:

1) Proved that the AP realized they made a mistake when they somehow had the Trojans ranked No. 1 before¬†Week 1, and…

2) Proved that the BCS set up this fake, dramatic scenario so it could make its decision to switch to a playoff format look like the brilliant move we all always knew it would be.

So, USC is rewarded with punishment. What else is new? This school received a harder sentence, football-wise, for slightly frowned-upon bribery than Penn State did for harbouring child molestation.

No, like, for real.

And now, they’ll have to run the table to have a shot at the title. Good thing they only play Oregon once.