Uni Watch: The Jacksonville Jaguars Continue to Destroy Themselves

Jacksonville Jaguars Helmet
(Photo “courtesy” of Art.com)


by Turner Lavoie

Haight-Ashbury Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Do you know what the purpose of a uniform is?

It’s to tell the ones across from you, Get ready. I’m coming. It’s to announce your arrival and, once they see you, they’ll know exactly who you are and why you’re there. In wars, they have Red Coats and Blue Coats. (They bad guys even had Brown Shirts.) In sports, we have the Yankee Pinstripes and Celtic Green. We know Barcelona by seeing them through blurry photographs, and we know Man United are the Red Devils because they actually are the RED Devils.

Some teams, though, don’t have the advantage of history. Some teams have to start from the logo out, and this ain’t the worst thing.



The Jacksonville Jaguars, for example, have always had one of the coolest, most innovative logos in sports, and they’ve actually had it for almost 20 years now, which is a pretty damn long time to be irrelevant.

But, that yellow cat on the teal blue. It’s damn cool. Damn sweet.

(Of course, if you’ll observe in the video above, the Jaguars have slighty tweaked their logo to a more cartoon version of the original. If it ain’t broke, Jacksonville. If it ain’t broke…)

Unfortunately, though, the Jaguars fail to understand their own product and their own legacy. They can’t see even see the best part of themselves, which is a fatal error when it comes to, well… almost anything. The Jaguars no doubt hired some PR firm, or maybe even someone below 25 who had been to Europe once for two weeks, and they decided to trust him or her with their newest and maybe even shit*iest uniform.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 New Uniform
(Photo “courtesy” of theScore Facebook page)