Tuesday Trailer Review: “House At The End Of The Street”

Isn’t Jennifer Lawrence a little too famous for… horror films? Or, any films? Seriously, hasn’t she hit that place where she can fill out her remaining years as Katniss Everdeen and appear constantly in People and Us! without any movies currently out? Can’t she just be famous for being famous now, or does she need to keep doing any and all roles like she was doing before she was in Winter’s Bone?

Can’t she just Tobey Maguire it through a three-part major franchise and then coast into “Daniel Day Lewis Territory” where she picks a perfect film to do every four years and nothing more (although, Nine was a mistake, wasn’t it?)

Well, turns out, Jennifer Lawrence is far from complacent. Not only is she going for a mentally damaged, Eagles-outfitted Bradley Cooper, but she’s also headlining a little film called House at the End of the Street, out September 21.

Horror movies have gotten, like, way better recently. Cabin in the Woods was funnier than it was terrifying (in a good way) and it seems like we’re finally done with the Halloween franchise.

Now, Jennifer Lawrence gets to make sexy scary.

We’ll see you in line come September 21, as you pretend you’re older than 13.