Trailer Review: “The Lone Ranger” and an Assault of Apple’s Advertising Space

Disney's The Lone Ranger - Apple Trailers

It’s a good thing Disney has a lot of money. We’re assuming it does. (It’s been around for a while.) That photo above isn’t from some normal promo. It’s not from a bus bench. No, it’s from the Apple Trailers homepage, and Disney’s new flick — The Lone Ranger — currently owns the whole damn thing.

We’ll admit it, though: the movie does look good. Johnny Depp suits the whole Apocalypto thing, and Armie Hammer’s Gigantism-like voice is fit for a cowboy. So, we’ll expect the best.

Of course, this could be more evidence that Hollywood is running out of ideas. All this advertising for a franchise nobody under 55 can remember? Isn’t that getting a little carried away?

There’s also this question, brought up by Yahoo:

“… There’s still no explanation as to why Johnny Depp is playing a Native American (a bit of controversy that isn’t going to go away any time soon),” they wrote.

Well, duh. Johnny Depp can play anyone and anything.


*Will you see ‘The Lone Ranger’ when it comes out? Do you like Johnny Depp’s ‘raven’ get-up?