Trailer Review: The Incredible Amazingness of “The Place Beyond The Pines”


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


The invention of YouTube has institutionalized the importance of film trailers.

Hype doesn’t come from critics or rave reviews or history. Instead, it now comes from two-and-a-half minutes on a thumb-sized screen, a good Jay-Z song in the background, and just enough appearances of Ryan Gosling. Film trailers are now — sometimes — more important than the film itself.

Lincoln leads all contenders with seven Golden Globe nominations, and I haven’t read one review of it. I haven’t seen it. I don’t need to. Do you know why? Because I saw the damn trailer, and I get it.

So, how incredible is this trailer for some little ol’ film called The Place Beyond the Pines? Well, it’s got Ryan Gosling in it, so… Check. It’s got a good score. It’s got Eva Mendes getting kind of ugly, and Bradely Cooper unearthing his gritty acting chops. It re-teams Gosling with the director of Blue Valentine, which we know not because we know who the director is (some dude named Derek Cianfres, by the way) but because it says it in the trailer.

Blue Valentine was uber depressing and super slow, of course, but it was good. Well made. Well written. Well done, like a Chicago steak.

And, this Beyond the Pines flick ends its trailer with one of the greater lines you will ever hear: “When you ride lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder.”

Hopefully, this will be shown in AVX. I’d like to book my seats for this one.