Trailer Review: Scorsese’s Thunderous ‘Silence’

by Kolby SolinskyWhite Cover Magazine

Martin Scorsese is MARTIN SCORSESE.

The name means more than the work, to many. His movies will be anticipated just by existing, their trailers acclaimed, reviews written in critics’ minds – positive or negative – before they even see the thing.

There’s a danger, when you’re someone like Scorsese, with every new movie you release. You’re allowed no fun, no experiments. Everything has to be grand or epic or defining – excellent films like The Aviator and Shutter Island, for example, are basically forgotten or foggy memories just because they’re not Goodfellas. As much as audiences are waiting for your next film, as much as they want to love it, they just might want to hate it more.

So we’ll take the first trailer for Silence with a seltzer. It looks incredible – but looking incredible feels like a red flag almost now, when the trailer matters more than the movie itself does. The trailer has replaced the review, adding another layer of hype to an industry that already lived off enough.

It often feels like you can’t see a movie without knowing whether Rotten Tomatoes loves it. And the more views its teaser racks up on YouTube, the more exponential its disappointment can become.

So there’s a lot of weight in Silence, the director’s perhaps-passion project – an “obsession,” he’s called it – that took him more than 20 years to finish – or rather, to start and then to finish. At 159 minutes, it’ll take enough of our time that we’ll demand it’s worth it. And it’s trying to have a conversation with itself, considering the subject matter – humans, religion and the ambition and self-consciousness that binds them.

Bring it on, Marty. We expect only the best. You know that. And I’m sure you love it.