Trailer Review: “Playing for Keeps” and Gerard Butler’s a Soccer Dad

by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Soccer coaches, beware. Gerard Butler’s going to make you look like a pussy. An ugly pussy.

Like Brad Pitt did to fishermen and Patrick Dempsey does to scrubs, there’s nothing like seeing a really damn famous dude who women are into do your job on screen and make it sound a lot better than you know it to be.

It’s probably a thrill to have Gerard Butler play your life. And, listening to him speak for more than five minutes gives you a clue into what he likes to do: have fun. Maybe that’s why he’s stopped kicking a*s. Maybe that’s why he’s traded it in for middle aged women and sappy flicks featuring songs by Natasha Bedingfield (just a guess).

Why is he doing that, by the way? He made his bones in 300. It seemed like the whole The Ugly Truth thing was just a phase. You know, an inevitable career move that all actors interested in money for only a second dive into. Romantic Comedy.

So, sports fans, maybe the worst is true: maybe romantic comedies are kind of fun.

I know we like to pretend that shaving is somehow manly or that beer is tougher than red wine (only in Missouri), but we can also be upfront about the fact that we still enjoy seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones at every chance.

We can be upfront about the fact that Gerard Butler playing an over-the-hill soccer pops kind of makes of happy. And, if not, we’ll settle for Dennis Quaid.

(P.S. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m 25.)