Trailer Review: Movie 43 Asks, “Will You Poop On Me?”

Two questions:

1) Is this the greatest movie trailer of all-time?

2) Will you poop on me?

Without any idea of what it’s about, whether it’s even real, or what the title Movie 43¬†even means, it’s not hard to get psyched for the Farrelly Brothers newest comedy, and we haven’t been able to say that for a while.

But, any film that has Richard Gere selling an erotic iPod that mangles kids’ penises and Halle Berry blowing out a blind kid’s birthday candles is good by us.

“The film features segments made by 12 prominent directors and a whole bunch of major actors, crossing — nay, obliterating — the line of good taste,” writes The Hollywood Reporter. “Fecal play, blind kid sabotage, bullying home schooled children, crotch-loving leprechauns and wizard sex: all just a brief sampling of the topics at hand.”

*Movie 43 hits theatres in January.