Trailer Review: “Lincoln” and Daniel Day Lewis’s Magical Mind

Well, hey, Daniel Day.

Looks like you and Spielberg have concocted the classic “OH MY GOD IT’S A MOVIE ABOUT A PRESIDENT!” scheme just in time for the 2012 federal election.

Nothing could be better suited to another semester of right-left arguments, debates surrounding the merits of socialism, racism, and sexism, or the age-old and ever-evolving question of, “What does the Republican Party stand for?”

Daniel Day Lewis only does a movie every five years or so, and they’re mostly perfect. Spielberg has started to fade into the era of timely epic, focusing more on John Williams-scored flicks like War Horse and Band of Brothers, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working really hard so we can forget he was the guy who looked like the kid from Dazed and Confused in Third Rock From The Sun.


“Joseph Gordon-Levitt is popping up everywhere,” by Vancouver Sun (September 6, 2012)


Either way, Lincoln should bend our brains and make our hearts beat. Let’s just hope it’s less J. Edgar and more Frost/Nixon.