Trailer Review: “Killing Them Softly”

It’s been three months since the trailer for Killing Them Softly was released, and it’s still hard to know what it’s even about. Sure, Brad Pitt drives around with a shotgun and a sick slicked back haircut and murders some people. James Gandolfini slams his hands into poker tables. Richard Jenkins is wonderfully awkward, as always. Ray Liotta even channels Harry Hill from Goodfellas.

But, really, is there anything separating Killing Them Softly from Savages, or any other quick draw films with a rock n’ roll soundtrack? There are about a billion. Smokin’ Aces. Red. Rock n’ Rolla. If only Guy Ritchie could truly reap the rewards of the film genre he single-handedly created.

Killing Them Softly hits theatres on November 30, just before you rush out to the theatre for the Christmas movies you actually want to watch.