Trailer Review: Disney’s Epic New Film, “Epic”

Pixar. Pixar. Pixar. Epic.

Disney’s animation studio is truly one of the great success stories of 21st century film. Like everything 2000s, of course, it reaches back into the 90’s, when it first entered Hollywood’s lexicon for good with Toy Story and then A Bug’s Life.

It’s part Avatar and the rest Wall-E.


Epic Trailer Reveals Nature, Adventure, and a Talking Slug” – (June 26, 2012)


It’s also another step in Pixar’s evolution towards not just the best animated studio in America, but maybe the best studio period. It’s becoming a disservice to call Pixar an animation studio, anyway. It’s like calling Tina Fey a “female comedian”. She’s just a comedian. And, she’s too damn good for most men, anyway.

*Epic is also in 3D. For most movies, that’s a bad thing. (Dreamworks, here’s looking at you.) Luckily for the viewers, Disney has actually used the technology properly.