Trailer Review: Buckle Up For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Come on, Hollywood.

Can’t you let me go one day without tossing out some epic trailer? And then I have to sit down here and write some blurb about it, or else I’ll feel like I haven’t fulfilled my “journalistic” responsibility to drop a few paragraphs whenever something breaks the Internet once every 12 hours. And it’s not just the remakes like Jurassic Park or Star Wars – it’s Inherent Vice and it’s Bill Murray singing Bob Dylan with a hose or something to do with Better Call Saul.

And again, today, it’s Mad Mad: Fury Road. Didn’t we just do this dance a month or two ago?

But I can’t stay mad at you, Hollywood. Because the new trailer – the second now, after this one – is epic. And you know that. And the Internet knows it. And I had no idea so many people out there even knew about Mad Max, seeing as anyone under-25 probably has never held a flip phone, but it seems everyone’s initiated. Everyone understands, and everyone’s particularly psyched to see Tom Hardy tear the post-apocalyptic Australian landscape a new one.

Oh, hell. Stop reading what I’m writing. Just watch the trailer, and gasp…