Top 7: Things You Need To Stop Making Fun Of

Stop the rage. Stop the laziness. If you’re trying to make a joke, stop being so uncreative. And, if you can’t think outside the box, then don’t say anything at all. The world’s greatest sound is silence.

If you’re about to make fun of anything in this list, stop. Halt. Stand up. Loosen your tie – or your Robert Griffin III jersey, because you’re probably 14 years old – walk over to the sink, and grab a nice glass of tap water.

1. Replacement Refs

Either you’re trying to fit in at your office, or you’re wearing a flat brim cap and an Oakland Raiders jersey. Basically, you’re a child and you can’t think for yourself.

2. Justin Bieber

He sold out Madison Square Garden at 15. Why are you making fun of him again?

3. Nickelback

Oh. Ha. Ha.

4. Monica Lewinsky

Yes, she has a book coming out, so she’s doing this to herself. But, really, unless you find her profile on J-Date, this one is very dated.

5. Facebook’s IPO

We get it. You used to work as a travel agent and your job doesn’t exist anymore, so you’re going to make fun of technology when it tanks. But, it’s still worth billions and billions… and billions.

6. Your Boss

Long day at the office? Stay there. Nobody wants to hear about it.

7. MySpace

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkk.