Tom Brady Needs to Win a Super Bowl This Year


by McJimmy O’Shea

West Philly Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


If the Houston Texans had won today, we’d chalk it up as just another Sunday. A weird one. An anomaly. Or, the New School beating the Old School. It would have been one of those very uncommon playoff games where Tom Brady is not Tom Brady or, more likely, Bill Belichick is not Bill Belichick.

Jake Plummer beat them in 2006, but Jake Plummer was never better than Brady, and Plummer’s Broncos were never a better team than even those Patriots.

Peyton Manning finally beat Brady one-on-one in 2008, but that was just a case of one guy knocking on the door for, like, a decade and finally being able to break it down with his shoulder.

Now that Brady and his Patriots have spanked the Houston Texans and advanced to the AFC Championship for the second straight year, they need to win. Brady needs to win. That’s a boatload of unfair pressure, sure, but it’s pressure they’ve brought on themselves by being great.

Now that Brady’s in position to win his fourth Super Bowl — and now that Eli Manning’s not the guy in the way — he has to win his fourth Super Bowl. Anything less would be uncivilized.

He can’t prove he’s the all time great he is without winning another Lombardi Trophy this year.

Maybe that’s not his goal. Maybe he doesn’t want to be better than Joe Montana or Johnny Unitas or Bart Starr.

But, really, come on… it totally is.


“The Brady 6: ESPN Looks Back Tom’s Overlooked Rise to Greatness” – White Cover Magazine (October 4, 2012)