Today’s Worst Idea: Al Pacino May Play Joe Paterno

Sometimes, writers force pop culture and sports together, and it’s a good idea. Other times, they just come together naturally, and it’s a terrible idea.

Today’s was a terrible idea.

Al Pacino is in talks to play Joe Paterno in some kind of upcoming biopic. This sounds like a good idea to only the studio and Al Pacino. It may end up being even worse than Gigli or Simone.

Joe Paterno? Really? There was nobody else you could play?

They haven’t even given it enough time. The wounds are still fresh, and the verdicts are still coming in. Penn State is still writhing from the scandal, and don’t even mention the victims.

And, what about the Paterno family? Either the film will portray him in a negative light and they’ll have to sit through yet another stake to the heart of their last name, or the film will portray him positively and all their crazy conspiracy theories will be proven right.

Whether they’re hurt or helped, everyone else loses.

Meanwhile, Pacino gets another chance to over-act. This will be as bloated and Herculean a performance as James Woods’s job playing Rudy Giuliani.

Gee, who thought Michael Corleone would ever be in a Hallmark movie?

The idea for a Paterno biopic is so ill-timed and cheesy, Oliver Stone should just direct it and call it World Trade Center.

But, should we be surprised, or should we just skip to the outrage?

This is the same world where Jeremy Lin has best-sellers flying off the shelves only weeks after he drops 40 on the Lakers, Tiger Woods’s old swing coach is a New York Times-ranked author, and LeBron James is called The Whore of Akron for fleeing to Miami.

We live in a reactionary society, and the only reaction we understand seems to be over-budget movies and knee-jerk-fueled books that read more like ranting, frothing editorials than an true-to-life account.

So, sports and pop culture have naturally been brought together. Again. God help us all. Not that you exist, or anything.