Today’s Best NHL Lockout Story: Jarome Iginla Goes Off on Gary Bettman

All hail Jarome Iginla, the original gangsta’, right out of Northern Alberta.

On Thursday, former NHL great Mike Modano spoke out against the 2004/05 lockout, saying it wasn’t worth it. “It was a waste of time,” he said.

On Friday, Iginla let Gary Bettman have it (Sportsnet). Now’s as good a time as any. When the league starts up again – if it does – Iginla won’t be able to say anything without being sued. No doubt, if you’re an NHL player, you’d be disgusted with The Betts.

“Even though I didn’t agree with it last time, you could see their point. This time, I don’t,” he said. “It’s like Gary enjoys battling, enjoys the argument… We’ve got to get it fixed. Fans have been very good in the past, and we can’t just rely they’ll come back strong. I know I would be ticked off.”

At least Iginla seems to recognize every side involved in this lockout, even the fans – the Third Estate – who the rest of the league has seemed to be coddling or leading on.

“Gary said last time, it was a deal that would work for everyone, be a win-win… If you had asked him, ‘Forecast the revenues and will it work?’ He’d have said, ‘Absolutely. This is perfect.’

“Now, we’re not talking 1% (back from the players). They’re talking 10% back, and that’s $300 million, and that doesn’t seem honest from where that was.

“So how can we trust them next time?”