Today in Taiwanese Animation: “Shaun White Is Disgracing Red Heads and Snowboarders Everywhere”

The crew at Next Media Animation is getting more and more accurate with their suddenly growing sports coverage. It’s almost like they have a department over there. It’s shameless, yes. But, isn’t Entertainment Tonight, as well? We’re not sure if that’s an endorsement or just a fact but, either way, it means you’re allowed to watch.

In today’s headlines (and yesterday’s, since the Taipei time zone throws us for a loop), Shaun White gets animated as a literal Flying Tomato, and Americans are so fat they could disgust a Cosby cartoon character.

Line of the day?

“White is disgracing redheads and snowboarders everywhere… by acting like a total douchebag.”


1) “Shaun White: Olympic snowboarder arrested for public intoxication”

2) “Food Stamps fuel America’s appetite for junk food”

3) “Adult Obesity Rates, 2030: Americans, you’ll be even fatter”