Today in Taiwanese Animation: Cathay Pacific Rides the Half-a-Mile Highway

We’ve been plugging into Next Media Animation ever since they embarrassed a small dance studio in Duncan, B.C. last week. We howled at their take on the New York Yankees’ playoff chances, and we were quick to notice Sunday’s video about Cathay Pacific’s apparently questionable R-rated flights.

Supposedly, male passengers are masturbating on red eye flights, and adult entertainment is available in business classes. And, Maxim Magazine-inspired shows like Californication are available for gawkers of all ages and genders in economy.

Those joining the half-a-mile high club have been spotted by other passengers, but have gone unnoticed by flight attendants because – and, this is all according to the story from NMA.TV – there are rear view mirrors provided with each first class seat.

Of course, if airlines are going to let you watch porn when you’re thousands of miles above ground, what else are you supposed to do?

And, even as NMA.TV’s animation rips the airline for being “designed for perverts”, their YouTube video starts with the question, “Click LIKE is Cathay stewardess are hot!!”

Which begs the real question: aren’t we all perverts?