Time Lapse: Red Bull Turns Paris Into ‘Skylines’ Bike Park

This website has built up its own habit of embedding Red Bull’s best videos on its pages and writing little blurbs about them. It is in no way to advertise for Red Bull (although, we would if they wanted to pay us?). It is in no way meant to persuade your children to drink even more liquid cocaine every day.

They’re just awesome. That’s the only reason.

On November 2, 2012, Red Bull live streamed its Skylines event from Paris’s Grand Palais and — prior to the event — they released the above time lapse video of the event’s construction. (White Cover likes time lapses, too.)

“The whole Skylines event is completely unique,” said rider Ryan Nyquist. “This huge, monstrous building, hundreds of feet high. And, the ramps are just like the building. They are all massive. This is the biggest course we’ve ever had.

“You need to go as fast as you can. You don’t get that very often. This has never been done before and we’re all trying to figure it out.”

“I’ve definitely built some parks at different events in cool place, but by far this is the craziest place that I’ve built in, other than the things I’ve done in Iraq,” said Skylines’ builder, Nate Wessel.

“This is the most monumental and it’s crazy that this is one of the oldest places here.”