Thursday Trailer Review: The Newest of the Newest of the Newest “Skyfall” Trailers

Well, this is just a Ben Whishaw kind of day, isn’t it?

Daniel Craig is cool as ever in the newest of the new Skyfall trailers, Javier Bardem is blonder than ever as some kind of evil albino (no, that’s not offensive to say), and Whishaw is… just Q.

The action looks stupendous. The plot looks like a formidable follow-up to Quantum of Solace – which was really just Part II of Casino Royale – and it all looks rather boner-inducing.

Let’s just hope the action isn’t too overwhelming. Maybe that sounds silly to say, but the best Bond films have always been more spy than sizzle. Think Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, and even Casino Royale. There was a plot. There were characters. There was romance and intrigue and subtle twists.

Now, think how wasted Pierce Brosnan’s years were, or how dull Roger Moore’s tenure proved to be. They were nothing but fluff. Soft core porn that didn’t separate itself from the rest of the Bruce Willis-type films that were already out there and costing studios way too much money.

We’re not saying Skyfall looks like that. We just hope it stays that way.