Thursday Trailer Review: “Cloud Atlas” and the Continuing Evolution of Tom Hanks

The last trailer for Cloud Atlas was over five minutes long, which made Janne Makkonen’s YouTube channel look like the video equivalent of Swedish Twitter. The new one is shorter, and it reminds us that Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are still in the game.

The film resurrects those two stars, stars a myriad of never-seen Hanks Haircuts, shows off impressive acting depth with Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving and Hugh Grant, and should showcase two insanely underrated British masters, Jim Sturgess and Ben Whishaw. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen Whishaw in Layer Cake, I’m Not There, or The Hour, do it now.)

It appears to search out the slightly large topic of Deja Vu, but wraps it in with the always-easy-to-conquer themes of Death and Life. We know this because it says it. In. Caps. Lock.

The title implies grandeur. The acting implies that there’s some kind of large budget. You might even think Ayn Rand, or that might be where your mind jumps when you hear the word, “ATLAS”.

But, Hell, it looks damn good. Pay $20 for the ticket, suck back some buttery popcorn and a Coke Zero, and enjoy the sh*t out of this one.