WATCH: The Goal That Made Steve Yzerman a Hockeytown Legend

If you spent your high school life in a locker, and if you’d rather watch the movie Cutting Edge over Miracle, Rudy, or D2, this is the play all those as*holes talk about and high-five over at lunch. This is the play that unites all douchebags at your college, who slam back buck-a-beers while you try and study and choose Monday Night Football over the class they really, actually, want to take but lie about.

This is the goal that transformed Steve Yzerman from a pretty decent kid with some speed into a playoff legend. Before this goal, Stevie Y had no Cups. After, he won three. (No, the Wings didn’t win it this year, but they won it the next year. And, the one after that.)

Guys test each other, wondering which of them can spell Jon Casey‘s name right. (It’s true: there’s no ‘h’ in Jon.) Guys talk about where they were when they saw it and, if they didn’t see it live (which is most likely, because how many people were watching a Detroit-St. Louis Game 7 in the middle of May?), they lie about it.

Word to the wise: if you’re looking to suck up to all the leather jackets, or if you want to just fit in, this is the play you’ll go to. Just use it by default.

Lock it in your mental encyclopedia with the following:

-Doug Flutie’s hail mary at Boston College
David Tyree’s catch in 2008
-(Don’t worry about baseball. Nobody really cares.)


*Also, it wouldn’t hurt to know that the NHL is sliding dangerously fast toward a lockout.