This is Banchory, Scotland. It’s Where Pete Cashmore is From.

This is Banchory, Scotland. It’s where the Feugh River meets the River Dee, and we’re almost certain you can’t pronounce either of those correctly. Apparently, in 1966, there was a railway.

No, Harry Potter isn’t from here. (That was a lazy joke, wasn’t it?) But, Pete Cashmore was. The Internet Playboy. The Scottish Mottish. (What?) The World’s Coolest Geek. Yes, Mashable and everything it entails began in Banchory in 2005, as a shi*ty site from a ba*tardy basement.

Cashmore started blogging because he could do it in bed. And, he liked it. Ay, if only masturbation paid that well.

He’s the man we all want to be. He’s the Internet’s success story, and Scotland’s, too. He’s proof that you no longer need to be in Hollywood to be Hollywood. He has said that his status as an outsider is what made him. It’s what made Mashable.

Pete Cashmore is the coolest dude on Twitter, and on his own site.

Have you ever been to Banchory? Do you want to now?