The Yankees Suck: The Second-Best Taiwanese Animation Thing You’ll Ever See

North Americans don’t generally get too cozy with Taiwanese animators unless they’ve been featured on the Daily Show. But, their absurdity and their humour (all intentional, to their defense) is inescapable and lovable.

Yesterday, Next Media Animation tore apart a dance studio in Duncan, British Columbia – Twisted Grip, owned by a woman named Kristi Craig – because it was offering pole dancing classes to girls as young as five years old. Cue the creepy, and then the cartoon.

But, today, NMATV took on the New York Yankees.

(*NOTE: In case you’re thinking, “Well, the Japanese do love baseball,” keep in mind that Taiwan isn’t a part of Japan. Several YouTube commenters failed to grasp this.)

The New York Yankees – as the NMATV site explains – have gone 33-32 since running out to a 10-game lead atop the AL East, way back in June. That’s left them tied with the Baltimore Orioles, and fending off rising challenges from the Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, and Anaheim Angels for either the AL East pole position, or one of two Wild Card spots.


Full Standings – AL Wild Card and NL Wild Card Races


Most people would surmise that the Yankees have blown a big lead and now have to fight through the dog days with the rest of the… well, dogs.

But, the Taiwanese? No, they’re already calling it for Baltimore.

Orioles: “Younger… hungrier.”

Tampa: “Best rotation.”

The Yankees? “Old… their ace has gained so much weight, every time he goes to the beach, Green Peace tries to drag hi a*s back into the water.”

Luckily for us, the Taiwanese folks showed us exactly what that would look like.