Spicy Curry: Matt Lauer’s ‘Today Show’ Popularity Takes a Tumble

Well, you know what they say about karma: it’s an Ann Curry.

Matt Lauer’s popularity has reportedly tumbled to a near-non-existent number, something like 25% of his last rating. Now, that could theoretically only bring him to 75% (although it’s obviously much lower), but a morning talk show host’s popularity is his whole thing. It’s everything to him, or her. It killed Ann Curry, although it seemed like most people were quick to rush to her defence after it became clear she wasn’t returning to the Today Show.

Kind of like giving somebody the $20 you owed them after their funeral, wasn’t it?

Now, Matt Lauer looks like a gigantic, inflated personality. The main problem, of course, is that TV anchors and talk show hosts are just like us. They have tempers, and they also let confidence go to their heads. Lauer is no different.

Lately, after Curry’s exit and Lauer’s apparently instrumental position in her firing, the dude just appears cold. Shrewd. Cranky.

“It’s been a rough few months for Lauer, ever since the incredibly messy ouster of Ann Curry from Today,” said the Huffington Post Media┬ápage. “He was immediately branded in many quarters as the unseen hand behind her swift exit from the show, and much was made of the apparent chill emanating between them when she said a tearful goodbye. (She famously seemed to resist his attempts to kiss her on the cheek). Since then, Currey has been a cloud hanging over Lauer.”

He’s not the guy anymore. He’s not the one people love waking up to.

(That would be George Stephanopoulos.)