The Toronto Blue Jays Have Been Very Busy, and Nobody’s Used To It


The Toronto Blue Jays are the busiest team in baseball. And, no, not just on TSN’s nightly hackneyed Top 10 countdown featuring only the Jays and the CFL.

Yes. Toronto is a big deal, and they’re not even compensating for anything. Well, except their future. It’s actually been good news and bad news.

The Jays lost their coach, John Farrell. Then, they got their old one back. They’ve given away Yunel Escobar — the maricon, himself — and a plethora of prospective stars, including catcher Travis D’Arnaud.

They’ve gained a few not-so-fresh-but-very-famous faces. Jose Reyes. Josh Johnson. Mark Buerhle. Melky Cabrera.

And, of course, R.A. Dickey, who agreed to a two-year extension worth $25 million with Toronto on Monday.

The good news for Toronto is that their brand new core is excited.

“Looking forward to a new chapter with the Jays,” he posted to Twitter.


Also, Toronto feels they can not only make the playoffs, but rise to become the top dogs in what is routinely baseball’s most competitive and toughest division.

“The Toronto Blue Jays have won the offseason, so let’s go ahead and crown ’em,” wrote Jays beat writer Richard Justice on Sunday. “Now comes the fun part.

“At this point, I’m supposed to warn the Blue Jays about the burden of expectations and how they’ll suck the fun out of the clubhouse. Yes, Toronto will be under some pressure. Yes, every slump will be met with all kinds of overreaction.

“Hey, that’s life in the fast lane. The Red Sox and Yankees have lived the life for years, and done quite well most of the time. No team has improved itself as much as the Blue Jays, and after 19 years out of the playoffs, these next 12 months should be a fun ride.”

Yes. The Jays are now like the Red Sox. They’re now like the Yankees. It’s exciting because, fu*k, they’ve always been the fifth lead in an ensemble comedy. They’re Paul Rudd, and 2013 will be their first starring role.

The only problem is, they have a Box Office to impress now. Normal salaries and managed expectations are nothing they can afford now. It has to be about win, win, WIN. If not, then they’re basically just the Mets or Dodgers, and that’s about the worst thing you can call a baseball team.

This is the point in the discussion where we need a cynic. We need some reality. Take it away, Bleacher Report.

In September, B/R writer Ramy Eljawhary listed the Top 10 Players the Jays had to avoid this offseason.

Kevin Youkilis. Francisco Liriano. Nick Swisher. Francisco Rodriguez. Ichiro. Ryan Dempster. Justin Morneau. David Ortiz. Zach Greinke. Josh Hamilton.

So, hooray. The Jays haven’t done anything as stupid as sign any of the players above. If only baseball were an exact science.