The Seattle Seahawks Are Still the Most Underrated Team in the NFL

Forget about the Cardinals. At 3-0, they’re no longer underrated. Don’t feel bad for the Patriots or the Packers. Sure, they deserve better than a 1-2 seat, but they’ll pick it up. Of course they will. And, if they don’t, they can’t blame it on Week 3. Each of them – and Pittsburgh – still has 13 games to go.

What about the Seattle Seahawks? As great as last night’s game-winning “touchdown” was for them, it was also terrible. It further pushes Russell Wilson into that untidy rookie category. It further relegates their more-than-potent defence out of national attention. It makes the whole organization look like the happy-go-lucky, neon Nike shoes-wearing franchise it’s always been, when it’s really so much more.

Pete Carroll is always jubilantly running around the sidelines. It makes him look goofy but, really, he knows what he’s doing. Marshawn Lynch is again among the league leaders in rushing – sitting alone in fourth – but we can’t take him seriously because he has a connection to Skittles.

The Seattle Seahakws are looked at this year like they were in 2010, when they made the playoffs despite a pedestrian 7-9 record. Yea, they rocked the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in Round 1, but nobody took them seriously.


“How Come Everyone’s So Hard on Seattle?” – White Cover Magazine (Aug. 8, 2012)


It’s always said that the NFC West is the worst division in football, but is it really?

The Rams are 1-2, but have looked just fine. The San Francisco 49ers are 2-1 and were, entering last weekend, considered to be the best team in football. The Cardinals, of course, are 3-0.

The NFC West is one of only two division in 2012 that has just one team below .500 after three weeks, and the other is the NFC East – widely regarded as the best division in football.

It’s not like these teams are just rolling over each other. The Cardinals have beaten the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, both considered Super Bowl contenders. The Seahawks have beaten the Cowboys and the Packers, and lost in Week 1 to the Arizona Cardinals.

That loss came about because Russell Wilson’s receivers dropped three touchdown passes in the final 50 seconds.

Wilson is still knocked for his height. But, why? Manute Bol can’t throw. Height doesn’t really matter when you can gun it like he can.

Remember this: that might not have been a touchdown, but Wilson still threw it to the right place.