The Red Bull Vault: Shaun White Goes Shoulder-Length in His Own Private Half-Pipe

Shaun White is the unofficial, uncapitalized god of the extreme sports world. That’s not dramatic.

The dude is The Prophet on a snowboard, and he only doesn’t win gold in skateboarding when he chooses not to. He always seems one step ahead of everyone else, even in nicknames.

Seriously, is there a better one out there than The Flying Tomato?

In the above video – shot and “published” in 2009 – White launches into his own private half-pipe, in Colorado, built by Red Bull and no doubt a couple other sponsors.

The video also gives us a look back at a “simpler” time in Shaun’s life, when perhaps 2010 Olympic gold wasn’t a certainty or the kid’s future wasn’t quite yet cemented.

It’s just overall coolness. All around.

Please, come soon, Winter. We’re getting a little tired of golf.