The Ottawa RedBlacks. This is Why the CFL Sucks Most of the Time.


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


The CFL has always been the little brother-in-denial to the NFL’s letterman-wearing half of the family. Yes, the CFL is great and the football can be absolutely righteous – I mean, has the NFL ever had a quarterback throw for over 700 yards in a game? Didn’t think so.

And, in another attempt to force people to take itself more seriously, the CFL’s incoming (and new) Ottawa franchise has landed on a name: the Ottawa RedBlacks.

(The name was leaked by the website, and is expected to be announced officially on June 8th.)

Is this like the sports equivalent of a celebrity baby name? Is the “Ottawa RedBlacks” supposed to be Canada’s version of Suri Cruise or Apple Martin-Paltrow?

Of course, the CFL isn’t the only North American football league bungus-ing up their new brand with hideous announcement (or presumed announcements). In the past month, the Jacksonville Jaguars have turned their fierce jungle cat into something you create by accident in the franchise mode of Madden 13, and the Miami Dolphins have destroyed all the clout they still carried around form their undefeated season in 1972.

Oh, and the NBA now has a team called the New Orleans Pelicans.

As you can see in the video up top, the CFL has quite a history in Ottawa dating back to their time as one of the league’s two teams named the Rough Riders. The league also returned to the nation’s capital from 2002-2006, when they were known as the Renegades.

Just going out on a limb, but I’m betting the name RedBlacks doesn’t do what they think it will… whatever that is.


*In other league-related news, the BC BlackOranges took the field in Kamloops today for spring training.