The Oregon Ducks White Camouflage vs. Luke Skywalker on the Planet Hoth

Oregon Ducks and The Planet Hoth
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by Sammy Emerald

Northwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Holy cum stain, Batman. This is the best news of the very young year.

Camouflage is big right now, thanks to things like Duck Dynasty and the NRA. But, this kind of camouflage? Is it white leopard or the Planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back?

Well, thanks to the always-innovative minds at Oregon’s athletic direction something (seriously, they should win a design medal that the NCAA creates just for the school, itself), we’ll be seeing the bad boy above on the field at some point in 2013, starting with a spring game.

Eat your heart out, Luke Skywalker. Just don’t try and cut Marcus Mariota’s guts open for warmth.


*Here are some highlights from Oregon uniforms of Christmas past…

(And, yes, that first one is LeBron James.)

LeBron James Oregon
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Oregon Ducks All Black Uniform
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Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl
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Oregon Ducks Awesome Uniform
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Oregon Ducks Green Uniform - CounterKicks
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Oregon Ducks Yellow Uniform
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Oregon Ducks White Storm Uniforms
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Oregon Camouflage
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