The Mustard Seeds, Episode 3: The NHL Lockout is Back in Prime Time

The Mustard Seeds – Episode 3 – The NHL Lockout is back in prime time, now that the NFL has replaced the replacements


On his Thursday show on ESPN Radio, host Dan Patrick said that fans will always side with the plays. The thought, we’ll assume, is that fans align with players (and referees) because they are closer in salary to them than they are the owners.

Patrick was also talking about Americans.

Yet, in Canada, fans have traditionally jumped on the players and blamed their woes on them. “I’d work for free… you get paid too much anyway… you already make millions.”

Stuff like that. What is it about Canadians that makes them tick so tockly? Why are they so tribalistic in their approach to hockey?

Host: Kolby Solinsky
September 27, 2012